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Repair Your Wet Basement Today!

Water seeping through your house’s foundations can happen suddenly or slowly get worse over time. We will identify the source and provide you with an ideal solution. Call Basement Rescue in LaSalle, ON and ask for a free quote!

We specialize in the following services:

✔ Wet Basement Repairs
✔ Exterior Waterproofing
✔ Drainage Systems Repair
✔ Concrete Lifting
✔ Restorations and Renovations
✔ Emergency Escape Windows Installation

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We have been solving wet cellar problems for more than 17 years. Talk to us about your concerns. Let us find ways to protect your biggest investment—your home.

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Drain and

Basement Rescue will get your home dried out and the affected understructure rebuilt afterward. We repair, restore, and find the best place to install your sump pump.

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Major home improvements often include parts of the house close to the foundation and exterior storage areas. Consult our experts for some money-saving ideas.

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Be proactive about your family’s safety inside the house. Discover the built-in advantage of having escape windows added to your home front equation.

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We’re Fast

Busted pipes, groundwater seepage, and a host of other issues that undermine the integrity of house foundations are critical ones that need urgent attention. We respond quickly and come over to fix things right away.

We’re Reliable

Our technical and build crews are made up of highly-qualified professionals always eager to serve you. We make honest assessments, address issues, and get the job done at the agreed upon time.

We’re Prudent

Once you make a request for our services, we assess the scope of repairs and rebuilds and provide you with a free estimate. Our services do not come with hidden costs or surcharges.

Licensed and Insured


Basement Rescue is a fully insured and licensed company. We deal directly with all our customers.

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15-Year Warranties


All the projects that we complete come with 15-year workmanship warranties. Feel free to contact us for assistance anytime.

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Keep an Eye on Seepage

  Basements can be kept dry and reliably serviceable only if water seepage is dealt with immediately. Feel free to consult us about the proper steps to take when encountering such challenges.