Say Goodbye to Water World!

Groundwater seeping into cracks and crevices underground can find their way to house foundations and weaken them. Leaking or busted pipes can also contribute to this problem to complicate matters even more. When seepage occurs, act fast.

Call Basement Rescue and ask our technicians to take care of it. We serve homeowners in and around LaSalle, ON.

Preliminary Waste Removal

The first thing we do is remove the mess and debris from damage-affected spots. Recovered items are moved to a temporary space elsewhere in the home. Our industrial-strength fans are then put to work to dry out the basement.


Internal Waterproofing

This process offers an excellent alternative to digging out the foundation around the exterior of the home. Through excavations inside the structure, we channel unwanted water away from inside and outside the foundation. For your added benefit, this service comes with a 15-year limited warranty.


Bowed Wall Straightening

Foundation walls can deteriorate over time, causing them to buckle inwards. This is caused by unwanted water build-up and erosion around your home’s foundation.

When not given timely attention, this can compromise the stability of the whole structure. We use internal strapping systems that allow us realign your walls back into place and keep them secure for a long time.


Renovation and Restoration

After water removal tasks are finished, our renovation experts make sure everything is reconstructed. If you wish to have a total makeover, feel free to tell us, and we’ll make sure your plans become a reality. We will be happy to remodel your living spaces any way you want.


Exterior Waterproofing

Excess moisture from the outside of your house can seriously damage home foundations and trigger a host of other structural problems and health hazards. External waterproofing offers a complete solution.

The process involves digging out a large perimeter trench around the structure and sealing the exterior of the foundation. An additional drainage system is installed in the trench to channel excess water.


The ground is then filled back in and graded to slope away from the structure. The process may temporarily affect the way your surroundings appear. Do not worry: we will restore your house’s magnificent look after the job is done.

We focus keenly on quality. To provide you with even greater value, the service comes with a 15-year limited warranty.

Rely on Basement Rescue for a practical range of damage-mitigating options. For in-depth information about our services,
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