Same Old Thing or Total Makeover?

The choice is yours, and the moment you make that final decision, the Basement Rescue construction crew buckles down to work at once. We serve homeowners in and around LaSalle, ON. Feel free to chime in with your home remodeling ideas.

Before we begin work on water damage or removal projects, we make it a point to ask our customers to take their pick from 2 options. You can ask us to reconstruct everything that’s been disassembled to make way for the initial tasks. We can also transform the affected living space completely if you so desire.


Build Options

Depending on what kind of build project you have in mind, we can provide you with the services to realize your goal. We discuss ideas, preferences, and requirements with you. This way, we can determine the ideal design and functionality features perfect for the room, living, work, or utility area you wish to improve.

We offer the following services:

✔ Basement and Home Renovations
✔ Garages and Workshops

✔ Drywall and Painting

✔ Concrete Walkways

Escape Windows

Instances of folks getting accidentally locked in right in their own homes have been reported to take place more frequently. Farfetched as it may seem to you at the moment, it is practical to think about the safety of every member of the family at all times. Be proactive with the matter and have escape windows installed.

Blocked stairwells are the usual culprits in such incidents and the best way to overcome this is by having life-saving features added. These deep window wells open like small doorways when main subterranean structure doors become inaccessible. Trapped individuals can now easily find their way out of harm’s way.

Let us know about your home improvement plans. To ask for a free estimate, call us today at 519-990-8811.